Kubo and the Two Strings

Kubo and the Two Strings (2016)


A young boy named Kubo must locate a magical suit of armour worn by his late father in order to defeat a vengeful spirit from the past.

~ Internet Movie Dababase


Awesome animation. Being a fan of all things Asian, I enjoyed the movie with additional enthusiasm, especially the intimate connection to origami.

I found the premise of souls visiting their living family very similar to my Mexican tradition of día de los muertos. However, I just had a conversation about death with my cousin and I now believe in a physical life and a completely separate spiritual life; my soul will not remember my physical life…what’s the point? My views on death are now very pedestrian: we become worm food.

Visual candy and nice heart-warming story.


Intensity (1997)


Chyna Shepherd is a twenty-six-year-old psychology student who survived an extremely troubled past. While visiting Laura Templeton’s house, a farm in the Napa Valley, a serial killer named Edgler Foreman Vess breaks into the house, taking Laura and killing her parents. Chyna survives and manages to follow him. In doing so, she learns of Vess’s captive: a young, innocent girl, Ariel, trapped in Vess’s home far from the Napa Valley. Chyna feels a great sense of responsibility for this girl, and she travels deeper into her nightmare.

~ Mike Yagnow @ IMDb


Happened to catch this while flipping channels the other day. I definitely remember reading the book, but had no memory about the story; was not even aware it had been made a (television) movie!

I got into it pretty quickly, grateful I had just caught the beginning which refreshed my memory for the rest of the story, which was pretty intense, albeit filled with stupid decisions…of course. I was not sure if it was the editing for television (in the time allotted – 3 hours!), but it seemed like a couple of event’s went unexplained, sloppiness one would expect with television production.

John was looking freaking hot and very psychopathic!

Come Back, Little Sheba

Come Back, Little Sheba (1952)


An emotionally remote recovering alcoholic and his dowdy, unambitious wife face a personal crisis when they take in an attractive lodger.

~ Internet Movie Database


I could not believe my luck when I turned on the television and this movie had just begun. Along with my long time desire to see this movie, I was pleased to learn it touched on alcoholism and starred Shirley Booth.

As a former anonymous member, I took issue with the use of last names in the meeting, though within the meeting it would be acceptable. I did LOVE how the birthdays were celebrated…No Singing!

Unfortunately, my knee went out on me during pivotal point before Doc (Burt Lancaster) “goes out” again, so I missed the “reason,” though I suspect it had something to do with his attraction to Marie. The ending of the movie is very telling of a relationship between and alcoholic and a family member. Shirley Booth was perfect for the role of Lola, capturing the loneliness of her character perfectly. Apparently, Shirley Booth won an Academy Award for Best Actress.

I even loved the huge house with the front porch!

Code Name: The Cleaner

Code Name: the Cleaner (2007)


Cedric the Entertainer plays Jake, a seemingly regular guy who has no idea who he is after being hit over the head by mysterious assailants; when he finds himself entangled in a government conspiracy, Jake and his pursuers become convinced that he is an undercover agent.

~ Internet Movie Database


Laugh out loud hilarious, but just as silly and convoluted.

“Dutch chocolate!” 😀


Silence (2016)


Legendary director Martin Scorsese’s Silence tells the stunning and “powerful” story of two Christian missionaries (Adam Driver and Oscar® nominee Andrew Garfield) who travel to Japan in search of their missing mentor (Academy Award® nominee Liam Neeson) at a time when Christianity was outlawed. When they are captured and imprisoned, both men are plunged into an odyssey that will test their faith, challenge their sanity and, perhaps, risk their very lives in this “passionate, harrowing, beautiful” masterpiece.

~ movie website


Very powerful and appearing at a very interesting time of my life, having just learned that cancer activity was detected in my thyroid and I am scheduled for a biospy and mri in three days; also noticed spine compression (?) fractures.

Anyway, I been thinking on this subject way too much lately.

However, let it be known that in my opinion nothing “”tangible” matters!” My last thought was that my physical being will cease to exist…completely, memory too…if I have a spirit/soul, why would it be tortured with all my physical trappings? Memory included?

Frankly, I was kinda of freaked out how a culture could “loose faith -” for lack of a more analytical term – yet be willing to sacrifice one’s life for another culture’s faith? I’ve always found this practice revolting. Let people believe what they want: One rule, one law for all.

*Brian Truitt, USA TODAY
 †2016, Best Actor, Hacksaw Ridge
 ††1993, Best Actor, Schindler’s List
Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange (2016)


From Marvel Studios comes “Doctor Strange,” the story of world-famous neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange whose life changes forever after a horrific car accident robs him of the use of his hands. When traditional medicine fails him, he is forced to look for healing—and hope—in an unlikely place: a mysterious enclave known as Kamar-Taj. He quickly learns that this is not just a center for healing but also the front line of a battle against unseen dark forces bent on destroying our reality. Before long Strange—armed with newly acquired magical powers—is forced to choose whether to return to his life of fortune and status or leave it all behind to defend the world as the most powerful sorcerer in existence.

“Doctor Strange” stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong, Michael Stuhlbarg, Benjamin Bratt and Scott Adkins, with Mads Mikkelsen and Tilda Swinton. Scott Derrickson is directing with Kevin Feige producing. Louis D’Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Stephen Broussard, Charles Newirth and Stan Lee serve as executive producers. Jon Spaihts and Scott Derrickson & C. Robert Cargill wrote the screenplay. Join Strange on his dangerous, mystifying and totally mind-bending journey when Marvel Studios’ “Doctor Strange” opens in U.S. theaters on November 4, 2016.

~ movie website


Strange. 🙂 About 90% sure when Dr. Strange became a super hero 😕 but felt decision lacked transformation development time: surgeon > Supreme Master? Why Strange? What is the connection that empowers his powers? Knowledge? Subtle, but true. Unlike Batman: civilian > crime fighter…self-explanatory!

Take that one step further: how does the stealing of the page connect Dormammu to Stephen Strange? At least Batman had a reason to get the person that murdered his parents: Vengeance!

In the end, I was agreeing with Mordo 🙁

Graphically and filmography related, reminded me of Inception :O 🙂

Benjamin looks good with all the make up accentuations.


Split (2016)


Writer/director/producer M. Night Shyamalan returns with an original thriller that delves into the mysterious recesses of one man’s fractured, gifted mind. Though Kevin (James McAvoy) has evidenced 23 personalities to his trusted psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley), there remains one still submerged who is set to materialize and dominate all the others. Compelled to abduct three teenage girls led by the willful, observant Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy, The Witch), Kevin reaches a war for survival among all of those contained within him – as well as everyone around him – as the walls between his compartments shatter apart.

movie website


:O Wow! Not what I expected, but then I had no idea what to expect…even after having read the synopsis on the cover.

James McAvoy shines!

Brilliantly done! I actually understood the scientific point being put forward about – in my poor words reverse biology.

Not your ordinary scenario. Highly unpredictable. Gripping!

After all the hype, felt the cause did not justify the effects; feeling the “fit” accidental fate.

Huh…Betty Buckley, as Dr. Fletcher.


Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (2016)


“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” takes us to a new era in J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, decades before Harry Potter and half a world away.

Academy Award winner Eddie Redmayne (“The Theory of Everything”) stars in the central role of Magizoologist Newt Scamander, under the direction of David Yates, who helmed the last four “Harry Potter” blockbusters.

There are growing dangers in the wizarding world of 1926 New York. Something mysterious is leaving a path of destruction in the streets, threatening to expose the wizarding community to the Second Salemers, a fanatical faction of No-Majs (American for Muggles) bent on eradicating them. And the powerful, dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald, after wreaking havoc in Europe, has slipped away…and is now nowhere to be found.

Unaware of the rising tensions, Newt Scamander arrives in the city nearing the end of a global excursion to research and rescue magical creatures, some of which are safeguarded in the hidden dimensions of his deceptively nondescript leather case. But potential disaster strikes when unsuspecting No-Maj Jacob Kowalski inadvertently lets some of Newt’s beasts loose in a city already on edge—a serious breach of the Statute of Secrecy that former Auror Tina Goldstein jumps on, seeing ther chance to regain her post. However, things take an ominous turn when Percival Graves, the enigmatic Director of Magical Security at MACUSA (Magical Congress of the USA), casts his suspicions on both Newt…and Tina.

Now allied, Newt and Tina, together with Tina’s sister, Queenie, and their new No-Maj friend, Jacob form a band of unlikely heroes, who must recover Newt’s missing beasts before they come to harm. But the stakes are higher than these four outsiders—now branded fugitives—ever imagined, as their mission puts them on a collision course with dark forces that could push the wizarding and No-Maj worlds to the brink of war.

movie website


Five-star genre!

Eddie so nerdily hot!

Nostalgic return to Potter times! Makes me wish I could really geek out of paraphernalia and backstories.

My last thought was that I was cheated out of an extra weep, but can’t remember how specifically…hmmm

Spoiler or not: I thought it was completely unfair/unkind to obliviate Hector.

Seems like some shortcuts were taken on effects; having said that where seams intentional? still not a fan!

Particularly hard time understanding creature names distinctly.

Watched twice already: once during the day; once at night.

La La Land

La La Land (2016)


Written and directed by Academy Award® nominee Damien Chazelle, LA LA LAND tells the story of Mia [Emma Stone], an aspiring actress, and Sebastian [Ryan Gosling], a dedicated jazz musician, who are struggling to make ends meet in a city known for crushing hopes and breaking hearts. Set in modern day Los Angeles, this original musical about everyday life explores the joy and pain of pursuing your dreams.

movie website


I lust Ryan Gosling <3

Being a true gay, I <3 a good musical

I loved La La Land’s production design and cinematography. The colors were outrageously combined and so vibrant.

The music of jazz has always been a favorite of mine. I loved the breakdown of the definition, only adding to my enjoyment of this music genre.

I was not a fan of the multiple reprise of the main theme and the key(?) of the music sounded off to me.

sorry, ry, but I wasn’t expecting much to “sing” with you

If I still believed in romance, I would’ve only like La La Land more, but sadly, I just felt over-saturated by emotion.

One viewing was enough.