Being Human: Season 3, Episode 2: Adam's Family

Being Human Season 3, Episode 2: Adam’s Family

Even the title of the episode is tongue-in-cheek! God, I love English humor, drama, and I have even begun to see the allure of English men.

Adam (Craig Roberts): “I mean, the craving will come back, though, so how do i fight it?”

Mitchell (Aidan Turner): “You surround yourself with good people; that’s what you do. you find someone better than you because then when you fail, you have to deal with their disappointment, and that’s what keeps you true.”

I have never found “someone better than me” or at least would even admit there IS someone better than me!

Seriously, that is the man I crave, to put me on the right track, to positively influence me. The other part of me that I have felt has been missing my entire life…and because of that I turned into a debauched, curmudgeonly king – in other words: a bitter, old queen! I am trying to turn back – I have the celibacy angle kicked, being impotent and unattractive – trying to surround myself with good people, but then logic kicks in and says “At fifty-four and in my state, what’s the point?

That’s the selfish truth.

What about me? How many times have I though that in my life? Is anyone keeping track?

My minds drifts…