So, it appears that my decision to create this blog was premature, as about a month later my DVD rental store closed.


How am I supposed to get movies to watch anymore? No, I will not go to the theater anymore because of the stupid-ass assigned seating. Fucking ridiculous. Twice I was sitting in my Front Row Center seat in an empty theater and someone came and sat down right next to me…talk about passive aggressive!

Anyway, people keep recommending Redbox, but I don’t have transportation, so I am hesitant about returning DVDs in a timely fashion.

My, apparently, rich nephew touts Apple TV. I don’t have that kind of money; they don’t even post the price on their website!

So without any access to movie entertainment, this blog seems premature and a waste of money. Yes, there is still television, but when I miss a show, I hate that I can’t watch it on a broadcast television station’s website the next day without having to sign in with a paid television subscription service: Marvel’s Inhumans on ABC! Bastards!