Intensity (1997)


Chyna Shepherd is a twenty-six-year-old psychology student who survived an extremely troubled past. While visiting Laura Templeton’s house, a farm in the Napa Valley, a serial killer named Edgler Foreman Vess breaks into the house, taking Laura and killing her parents. Chyna survives and manages to follow him. In doing so, she learns of Vess’s captive: a young, innocent girl, Ariel, trapped in Vess’s home far from the Napa Valley. Chyna feels a great sense of responsibility for this girl, and she travels deeper into her nightmare.

~ Mike Yagnow @ IMDb


Happened to catch this while flipping channels the other day. I definitely remember reading the book, but had no memory about the story; was not even aware it had been made a (television) movie!

I got into it pretty quickly, grateful I had just caught the beginning which refreshed my memory for the rest of the story, which was pretty intense, albeit filled with stupid decisions…of course. I was not sure if it was the editing for television (in the time allotted – 3 hours!), but it seemed like a couple of event’s went unexplained, sloppiness one would expect with television production.

John was looking freaking hot and very psychopathic!